Eye Dentification

Follow the eyes to identify the species as it transmogrifies.

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What happens when you cross a monkey, bird, and jaguar with a butterfly?


The ability to identify what I am looking at makes me feel safe and certain. However, when I step outside of my comfort zone new, unidentifiable creatures manifest. Life is found where there is no map. You cannot tell me the name of a creature you never saw before unless you make one up. This is exactly how language came to be in the first place.

One day someone felt scared of a large animal and uttered the sound “wolf”. Later, others imitated him. What a wolf really is cannot be known via a single word. Claiming that I know what a wolf is because I know the English name for it is foolhardy. It is far more impractical to associated a word with every visual frame of a metamorphic process. Even if I did the 3D holographic manifestation in which I live limits the sampling rate of the camera. What happens in between each frame is unknowable and nonsensible.

Knowing the label for something is not knowledge it is dead memory. Language is not the path of truth except when used to point out its’ incapacity to convey truth. Infinite truth is unutterable as uttering a word limits the infinite.

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Published by Nü Everest Libélula

Your inner child is a star child with the gift of love, and through silence the Mother Goddess wishes to express her creativity.

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